Trash Compactor Episode X: The War is Not Over

Here in Episode X (better late than never, yes?), we talk about Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy, squee about all the latest news coming from Lucasfilm, and indulge in more of our usual shenanigans re: X-wings and X-rated speculation.

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The Trash Compactor Reacts: Rogue One

Join Emcee, roane, and April as we talk about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, each within hours of seeing it for the first time. We’ll save the analysis and discussion for our January episode, this episode is pure squee. Listen in as we get excited about Jyn, Cassian and the rest of the team, along with all of the shout-outs and callbacks and plot twists in this first Star Wars Anthology movie.

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Trash Compactor Episode VII: Life Day

Happy Life Day! Join Emcee, Roane, and April as we celebrate this Star Wars holiday by watching (and then talking about) the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special with special guest Rob (Emcee’s baby brother–Life Day being a time for family and all). We also have a lot of opinions this time around, on topics from the latest Han Solo casting news to Carrie Fisher’s new memoir, The Princess Diarist.

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Trash Compactor Episode VI: Rebel Rebel

This month is all about the Disney XD TV series, Star Wars Rebels. Join Emcee, Roane, and special guest Luthe (persian-slipper) as we talk about Ezra, Kanan, and the rest of the crew of the Ghost: where they’ve been and where we think they’re going (cue freakout from Roane). We also talk about a fan theory involving Rex, new information on Kylo Ren. Plus, letters from listeners including more discussion about vehicular sex in the Star Wars universe.

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Trash Compactor Episode V: A Ship for All Seasons

Join us this month for look at some of our favorite rarepairs and the pros and cons of shipping rarepairs with special guests Leupagus and Zoe. Also we talk some about the premiere of Season 3 of Star Wars: Rebels, and we have listener email asking the important questions: Is it possible to have sex in an X-wing?

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Trash Compactor Episode III: A Rey of Hope, Part I

Join us for the first of two episodes about Rey! In the first part, we talk about preconceived notions we had about Rey going into The Force Awakens, what some of our favorite moments were, and theories about her backstory and family. We also introduce a new segment we’ll do from time to time, The Trash Compactor Podcast Reacts, where we talk about some big breaking news within the fandom. This month, it’s all about Star Wars Celebration.

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Trash Compactor Episode II: Every Generation Has a Legend

This episode, we talk about the different “eras” of Star Wars fandom, from the original trilogy, to the prequels, to the EU, and the sequel era. We’ve got our first smutty fic recs (it was inevitable!), and discussion of various versions and ways to watch the movies.

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