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Unfortunately, I am unable to continue writing the Nyazian Prophecies. There were plans for a trio of movies to finish off the series. As I am unable to write them, I've decided to supply the synopsis for these movies. Hopefully, this will answer some hanging questions as to the characters.



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Connor and Salome are in Los Angeles, where they've been staying while Connor interns with David Nabbit and Salome is working as an apprentice tattoo artist for the summer. Connor is about to propose to Salome when a Wraith arrives at the door. Wraiths are messengers and this one has brought a summons: Salome is being put on trial by the Nyazian Council, for her action opening the fissures to Quortoth. The charge is Attempted Genocide and she will be put to death. We also find out Radwan, the Council member from the finale in Season One is Salome's father.

Connor and Gunn plead her case and Connor goes so far as to take responsibility for it, saying he talked her into it. Salome is found guilty, but due to Connor's pleas, the Council decides not to kill her. Rather, they make her human. Having difficulty dealing with this change, Salome goes to Los Angeles to sort things out. There, she discovers Connor's punishment for what he's done: The Nyazian Council has brought Darla back from the dead, knowing the pain of killing her will be worse than anything they could do.

Meanwhile, the Gatekeeper shows up at Lamia House. She's been fighting demons in the present and has suddenly lost her magical abilities, but still retaining great strength. She's forced to stay with the gang while they figure out what has happened to her. It comes to light the reason for this: Her nickname "Lonely Angel" was a play on her last name. She is Mara Angel, the future daughter of Connor and Salome. She has lost her abilities due to being in the present when Salome became human. As proof of her parentage, she shows Connor the pocketwatch she wears around her neck, an heirloom of the Riley family. It has been charmed to always show the time in her home era, which is shown as May 2029.

While Connor bonds with his future offspring, Salome arrives back at home with Darla.

Connor is thrown by the appearance of his mother. She is still soulless, but holds herself back from her destructive tendencies. What the Council didn't realize was that carrying Connor within her left an echo of his soul on her and she no longer gains the same pleasure tormenting that she used to. She struggles with her hunger, but she wants to be good for her son. However, he thinks it will only be a matter of time before he has to kill her. Darla herself knows this is the truth and pleads with Andrew and Oni to take the decision out of Connor's hands. We don't see exactly what she asks of them.

Illyria comes to Salome, along with something she has discovered during her travels of the world-- her own army. She has discovered the remaining Nyazians, who had gone into hiding, which includes Salome's brother Elijah. They now call themselves Illyrians. Illyria rewards Salome for her loyalty as Qwa-Ha Xahn by giving from her own power, restoring Salome-- no long as Nyazian, but a true child of Illyria. This action makes Salome a demon again and gives Mara/The Gatekeeper back her powers (she tries to explain exactly how this works, but the temporal mechanics of it gives everyone a headache). Elijah seems sinister, commenting to another Acolyte that they've taken the next step.

Connor goes to Darla, but discovers her gone. Andrew and Oni refuse to admit what has happened, but Connor sees an Orb of Thesulah. The next scene is Connor's Viper driving down the highway, a newly ensouled Darla behind the wheel.

Connor goes off to Los Angeles. He knows where Darla has gone: the ruins of the original Caritas, where he was born and she died. She tells him he needs to live his own life and he no longer has to worry about her, she'll be fine and always be there if he needs her. Mother and son part, but not before Darla asks what Connor is planning to do with himself now that he is finished college. He only has one answer.

The movie ends where it began, but instead of in Los Angeles, it's in Palo Alto with his friends. Connor proposes to Salome and the answer is, of course, yes.



It's several months after the last movie and Connor and Salome are about to be married. Jamie is Best Man, Oni is Maid of Honour and Andrew will be giving the bride away. People from all over the world are coming into Palo Alto for the wedding. Even Illyria is there along with her followers, but she's having strange reactions. Every once and a while, seemingly without prompting, she reverts to the Winnifred Burkle persona. Alarmed by this, Illyria chooses to leave before the ceremony. She doesn't want anyone to see her like that. Her Acolytes leave with her, with the exception of Elijah.

Everyone gathers for the wedding, but it wouldn't be the Buffyverse if the wedding went off without a hitch. They're attacked by demons, but their quickly quelled. Both Connor and Salome think it's fitting that they get married with their clothing torn and with blood on them and the ceremony finishes. They officially become Connor and Salome Angel.

But when Elijah goes to kiss the bride, Connor senses something. He turns and tries to run, but it's too late: Elijah has stabbed Salome. Connor runs to her and catches her in his arms. She dies in his arms and Elijah teleports away before anyone can stop him.

There's nothing that can be done for Salome. The other rush to discover why Elijah would do this and how it would benefit Illyria, as it is obviously a ploy by her. Connor does not participate in their discussions. He's gone practically catatonic.

Angel tries to get Connor to help them, but at Salome's funeral, Connor declares he's done. He's finished being a Champion. If he couldn't protect his wife, he can't protect anyone. He leaves without another word.

Connor goes to Los Angeles and stays with Darla (who, out of respect for the many peope who hate her, did not attend the wedding). She gives him a place to stay, but tries to compel him to go back. She points out that as Mara is his future daughter with Salome, this must not be the end. But Connor hotly points out that Mara lost her powers when Salome lost hers, meaning time is always in flux and it just means Mara never existed now. So not only has he lost his wife, but the child they would have made.

Darla lashes out at Connor, telling him he's a Champion and that Salome would have hated to see him become this. She eventually gets through to him and just in time: Salome's body has disappeared.

Salome's body reappears in Vahla ha'nesh, where Illyria and her Acolytes are waiting. Illyria is beginning to fracture and her Acolytes have taken action. It is revealed that while Illyria's ressurection was preordained, it did not happen as it should have. Knox interfered with how and when it should have occurred, using an improper body. In fact, an avatar had been bred specifically for Illyria: Salome. Salome was always meant to be a conduit for great power, the power of Illyria. The Nyazian Council-- who feared their own God-- lied when they said Salome was meant only to absorb Cyvus Vail's powers and then die. That was merely supposed to be a strengthening exercise for her to prepare to accept Illyria. The Nyazian Council further plays into the Illyrian's hands, making Salome human so that Illyria could rebless her, making her ready for the transformation. The ceremony takes place and Illyria's essence is drawn out of Fred and into Salome. Illyria rises, now fully powered and ready to take action. But this is not just Illyria, but the combination of Illyria and Salome. Salome's soul is not destroyed, it only augments what Illyria truly is.

She pauses only momentarily to look at the body of Fred Burkle. She is alive, but it is only a half-life, broken from her possession of Illyria. Illyria banishes her from Valha ha'nesh, but seems to take pity on her and send her to Lamia House.

Connor arrives at Lamia House just as Fred turns up. Fred is barely able to tell them what has happened, but they get the gist of it. Connor plans to save his wife, but the others are not so sure it will work. Fred is only holds onto life with the intervention of Willow.

Illyria and her army appear in Los Angeles and begin to lay waste, planning to take the kingdom back by force. The Slayer Army is sent after them and Illyria tears through them, killing twelve Slayers in a matter of moments. She asks haughtily if that is the best they have. She then takes her true form as a massive Old One. Vahla ha'nesh begins to merge with Los Angeles, returning to its former location.

Connor is forced to fight off Angel and the others in order to confront the Old One. Illyria pauses at the sight of him and takes her human form. Connor begs Illyria to let him have Salome back. She tells him the horrible truth: She IS Salome. She and Illyria were always meant to be merged into one. This is what she truly desires. She dismissively tosses her wedding ring to him and tells him if he does not step out of the way, she will destroy him too. Connor refuses to believe that and doesn't move. Illyria turns her back on him and teleports away.

Illyria becomes disturbed by everything that is happening. She showed mercy to Fred, she was unable to kill Connor. Her Acolytes encourage her, telling her this was what was meant to happen. She become angrier, saying she does not feel "right". She become angry at Elijah, who leads the Acolytes and compelled her to take Salome's body. She kills him, but immediately feels remorse. Confused and disgusted by her feelings, she lashes out in a full-scale assault.

Illyria goes into battle again, but is confronted by Connor once again. He tells her all about his relationship with Salome over the past four years, trying to remind her of how much they loved each other. Illyria grabs him by the throat and plans to kill him, but tears begin to slide down her cheeks as she constricts his breathing. A small voice behind Illyria says she'll never forgive herself if she kills Connor. She turns and see Fred, barely able to walk on her own.

Fred tells Illyria the resurrection ceremony went exactly as it had to. Illyria CANNOT truly be Illyria anymore. Even she knows that. Her actions are not those of a warlord, but someone who is trying to be a warlord. She knows the world has changed and Illyria cannot live in it as she truly was. She HAS to be with Fred in order to survive, to touch her humanity. Fred is now incomplete without Illyria and-- deep down-- Illyria is incomplete without her. Salome is meant to live a separate existence, while Fred and Illyria are meant to be one.

Illyria relents and releases her hold on Salome's body, returning to Fred's. But as Fred has accepted Illyria into her, they are now a merger of both. Fred will now live on within the Old One. Illyria abandoned her battlewear, in favour of a blue dress. Fred is still there, now one with the God-King.

Connor manages to get to Salome, finding her unconscious, but alive. Illyria kneels by the pair and says as she and Fred are meant to be together, so are Connor and Salome. She places a hand on Salome's face, telling the sleeping girl she is Illyria's child, but she will no longer interfere in her life. She walks away from husband and wife to start a new life, truly living in the world. Salome awakes and embraces Connor. It will take time to repair after what has happened, but they will do it-- together.



Connor and Salome have been married for six months. Connor is working for Nabbit Enterprises out of his home, while still slaying demons along with his wife. Oni is deep into medical school, while Jamie is working on his doctorate. Andrew has moved out of Lamia House and is now sharing an apartment over Flying Demon Monkeys with Matty.

Willow arrives in Palo Alto, critically injured and falls into a coma. There is a strange symbol on the back of her neck. No one is able to find any record of it. These same symbols appear on Connor, Salome and Andrew. Later, they find out Angel, Fred/Illyria (who is now referred to interchangeably), Spike and Faith bear these same marks. They are repeatedly attacked. No one is able to find out the reason for the outbreak of attacks and how they are constantly found, despite Angel, Spike, Faith and Illyria constantly moving around.

Connor is attacked by a young girl, only about seven years old. Despite her youth, she's a formidable opponent and hurts him badly. It's only due to his increase size that he's able to get away from her. She retreats back to her Masters. Connor is shaken by the attack.

Andrew manages to uncover a meaning for the symbol they've been marked with. It is one that was used by the Shadow Men.

Salome manages to subdue one of their attackers and brings him to be interrogated. He reveals to them who they is: The New Guardians. They are members of a cult who feel the title Champion has been perverted by people unworthy of it. They have marked for death those they feel have commit too great of sins to be warriors for good. The mark is a mystical tracker. As long as they bear the mark, the New Guardians can find them.

The New Guardian is rescued by the little girl, who is able to fell Connor this time. Willow wakes up from her coma, still weakened, and reveals who the child is: She is a Slayer. Willow had been on her trail for years, but had never been able to find her. Her parents had been murdered when she was an infant and she was kidnapped by the New Guardians and raised to be a warrior. Willow bound the power of Slayers too young to handle their powers, but being unable to find this one, she couldn't.

Connor fights with the girl once again and is able to subdue her. He speaks to her about what she is, empathizing with being raised to be a killer. He seems to be able to reach her and she opens up to him. Her name is O'Brien, having never been given a proper first name by the New Guardians (her parents had been killed before they named her, so they just used her last name). All she has ever known is fighting, her entire life getting ready for this fight. Connor tries to tell her that her life can be more but frightened, she runs away.

O'Brien observes those she's been sent to fight against: Salome and Connor together, Andrew happy with Matty, Willow trying to recover from her injuries. She's starts to become unsure why she's supposed to kill people who don't seem to be bad at all. She goes to Connor and he tells her about his own childhood being raised to be a killer.

The New Guardians attack again, but when Connor is threatened by one of them, O'Brien stands between them. She's badly injured and Connor attacks the man who hurt her. But he stays his hand before he can deliver the killing blow. He tells the man he kills demons to protect people, but he doesn't kill humans. That's why he's not a perversion as they claim. The Slayer's Council takes the New Guardians prisoner and the marks are taken off by Willow.

O'Brien lays injured in Lamia House and Connor tells Salome he feels responsible for her. He knows what she's gone through and he doesn't know if anyone else can really understand that. Salome agrees that Connor is the best person to take care of her and that they together should raise the girl.

But the Slayer's Council has other ideas. Willow wants to bind O'Brien's powers, thinking she's too young to handle them. Connor fights against this. Fighting is all O'Brien has ever known and having it taken away from her would be too traumatic. It is a part of who she is and rather than deny it, she needs to learn to use it properly. Buffy herself shows up, saying O'Brien is the responsibility of the Slayer's Council. But Connor fights her. In the end, Buffy admires the passion Connor shows and relents.

Connor goes to tell O'Brien the news. O'Brien admits she doesn't know how to be part of a family. Connor tells her it's easier than she thinks. Before he leaves her, O'Brien calls him Dad.

When he leaves, he see Mara. He's worried at first, but she admits she's only there because she wanted to see her big sister become a part of the family. "Bri" Angel is a great warrior in the future and someone she's always looked up to. Mara smiles at Connor and tells him she'll see him soon and disappears. He's a bit confused, but isn't left to wonder long, as Salome approaches him.

She asks Connor if he is really ready to be a father. He says yes, he needs to have a family and Bri is a good start. Salome places his hand on her stomach and tells him they have more of a start than that. Suddenly, his brief conversation with Mara makes sense.



It is several years later. Lamia House is now the Lamia School, a school for both Slayers and Benevolent demons. Andrew serves as headmaster to many children, including a now pre-teen Bri Angel and her younger siblings-- Mara, Riley and Michael. Teachers at the school include Connor and Salome Angel, Matthew Moon-Wells, Dawn Summers, Faith Lehane and Mandy Boyd.

Dr. Oni Kato is giving the young children a check-up before she heads out on sabbatical. They're quite strong and Riley and Micky can't wait to go out with their dad patrolling (Connor saying they has to wait a couple more years). Mara worries she won't be as strong as her brothers. Connor assures her she has nothing to worry about and gives her his pocketwatch.

Wesley then shows up to pick up Oni. They're going out of the country to help a clan of Brachen Demons. Jamie convinces them to stay for dinner. It's so rare they're all in town together. He himself has to be heading to Department H, where he's been doing technical work.

As they get ready for dinner the sun sets and there are two new arrivals: Angel and Darla. They have been travelling together, but have stopped by to see their grandchildren.

As all gather at the table to eat, Connor looks over his large family and is secure in the knowledge he's never going to be alone again.